Host Directed Therapies TB Clinical Trials Network

Featured image: Inaugural meeting of the newly formed Host Directed therapies network – Cape Town, Apr 2015
Standing (Left to right): Andrie Steyn, Sayoki Mfinanga; Ian Sanne; Neil Martinson; Ali Zumla; Bob Wallis; Gibson Kibiki; Martin Grobusch; Eileen van Helden; Derek Tait; Paula Munderi; Roxana Rustomjee; Markus Maeurer;  Johan Louw ; Esusebio Macete; Nathan Kapata; Voahangy Rasolofo; Rob Wilkinson; Thomas Nyirenda;
Sitting (Left to Right): Rajh Madansein; Dororhty Yeboah-Manu; Candice Roux; Cristina Vilaplana; Modest Mulenga; Nalani Singh


The current status quo of the lengthy treatment duration and poor treatment outcomes associated with MDR/XDR-TB, and those with co-morbidity of TB with HIV and NCDs, in sub-Saharan Africa is unacceptable [1-5]. New innovations for shortening duration of therapy, improving treatment outcomes, preventing relapse, reducing drug resistance, and preventing long term lung damage, are urgently required [2,3,6]. The TB drug pipeline remains sparse [4,6]. A broad of range of Host Directed Therapies (HDT) now provide hope for improving treatment outcomes and reducing duration of therapy [7-15]. These require evaluation in randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials (RCTs) as adjuncts to current TB treatment regimens. 


1. To evaluate in RCTs a range of Adjunct Host Directed Therapies (see list) for:

  • a). Shortening duration of treatment for:
    • i). drug sensitive TB (DS-TB). 
    • ii). multi-/extensively drug resistant TB (MDR-TB/XDR-TB). 
  • b). Improving treatment outcomes (mortality/morbidity) for MDR/XDR-TB patients.
  • c). Improving treatment outcomes for specific clinical conditions associated with tissue injury:
    • i). HIV co-infected individuals with DS-TB and MDR/XDR-TB
    • ii). TB pericarditis
    • iii).Miliary TB and TB meningitis
    • iv).TB-associated Immune Reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS).
  • d). Preventing recurrence of TB or relapse or TB drug resistance. 
  • e). Reducing excessive lung inflammation and preventing long term lung matrix destruction and complications.
  • f). Improving treatment outcomes of people with co-morbidities such as NCDs (eg diabetes COAD, any cancers, NIDs. This will create a more holistic approach for high quality care. HDT could also benefit cancer services in Africa.

2. To develop high quality clinical trials and laboratory infrastructure at all African partner sites irrespective of current capabilities 
This will include staffing, infrastructure, facilities for cell and culture, immunology, mycobacteriology including drug sensitivity testing, diagnostics, data entry/storage, protocol harmonization, communication, biobanking, end user involvement, ethics continuing professional development, and networking with other trials consortia. 

3. To produce a high calibre cadre of African researchers (scientists, health and laboratory personnel) who will be suitably empowered to take leadership and conduct of high quality research and clinical trials. 
At each site, a range of postdocs, PhDs, Masters and Diploma students will bementored closely aligned to the design and development of clinical trials, cohorts and biobanks. The multidisciplinary consortium will allow for access to a broader range of expertise training and supervision, wider knowledge and resource acquisition and enable trials of other PRDs to be hosted in each country.

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Alimuddin Zumla
Salim Abdulla
Eleni Akililu
Martin Antonio
Abraham Aseffa
Matthew Bates
Maryline Bonnet
Pere-Joan Cardona
Jeremiah Chakaya
Gavin Churchyard
Tumena Corrah
Gill Craig
Bassirou Diarra
Tandakha N Dieye
Sarah Edwards
Paul Elkington

Sebestian Gagneux
Vanya Gant
Albert Garcia-Basteiro
Martin Grobusch
Richard Hafner
Michael Hoelscher
Giuseppe Ippolito
Pontiano Kaleebu
Nathan Kapata
Stefan Kaufmann
Gibson Kibiki
Eusebio Macete
Bruce Macrae
Almoustapha Maiga
Rajhmun Mandansein
Neil Martinson

Bongani Mayosi
Leonard Mboko
Tim McHugh
Clara Menendez
Sayoki Mfinanga
Elirehema Mfinanga
Emma Morris
Modest Mulenga
Paula Munderi
Peter Mwaba
Maddy Noursadeghi
Klaus Reither
James BW Russell
Roxana Rustomjee
Ian Sanne
Aziz Sheik
Nalini Singh

Andrie Steyn
Leopold Tientcheu
Cristina Vilaplana
Robert S. Wallis
Christian Wejse
Robert J Wilkinson
Dorothy Yeboah-Manu
Markus Maeurer
Francine Ntoumi
Thomas Nyirenda
Matt Oliver
Nesri Padayatchi
Eskild Petersen
Shreemanta Parida
Niaina Rakotosamimanana
Gita Ramjee
Voahangy Rasolof


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